The platform is free to register on, and you can search for candidates that are registered on the platform for no charge. You will also be able to advertise your vacancies for free through the platform.
In order to invite a job seeker to your vacancy you will need to purchase a contact credit which costs between £40 and £70 depending on the volume purchased. However, the contact credit will only be spent/used when the job seeker accepts your job invitation, and you receive their contact details. Please note that profiles without a video profile are charged at half price ie ½ a Contact Credit.
Your contact credit is returned, and the platform will show the reason for the rejection.
We provide the facility for you to gain the contact details of candidates that you have shortlisted on the platform and do not offer any views or guarantees on the job seeker. There is no rebate once you have received their contact details.
Yes you can add users to your account.
Yes you can create multiple accounts for a company however they will need to be set up using different email addresses.
You will need to notify us by email at and if the contact details are not valid then we will return the contact credit.
The platform is open to every employer to use.
We use a selection of the leading generalist job boards to promote your roles. The selection is based on the type of vacancy to maximise applications, and we may vary this based on the performance of the job boards. Where appropriate, we can advise on the use of specialist job boards at a discounted charge.
Yes, we offer you the option to brand your advert for an additional charge. You also have the option to advertise your role yourself and use a dedicated URL or QR code to direct applications to your account.
Standard adverts are blind, and your details will remain confidential.
You can choose to show or hide the salary and benefits in the advert.
Applications that are received from an advert you post through the platform will exclusively go into your account for a fixed period (Temporary jobs - 3 working days, Interim jobs - 5 working days and Internship/Placement and Permanent jobs - 10 working days). If you invite the job seeker to the vacancy within these periods, then the job seeker will be permanently held exclusively against your account. If you do not invite the job seeker within this period, then the job seeker has the option to make their profile live on the public database.
Job Seekers register onto our sister site from a variety of promotional campaigns and we also recycle applications to job adverts that are not invited by the employer.
You can buy 1 or up to 100 contact credits at a time. We will provide you with one free contact credit when you register. Contact Credits cost between £40 to £70 each depending on the amount purchased. Profiles that do not have a video are charged at 50% ie ½ a Contact Credit.
Contact Credits are valid for 12 months and if you have any that are going over this period then let us know in writing and we can extend the period that the credit(s) can be used.

Should you have any additional questions, then please email them to: